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The first impression of your home is your house number . Gorgeous modern acrylic house number signs, with a range of designs, all on beautiful weatherproof laser cut plaques. ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE FREE UK DELIVERY.
Our Social Responsibility
Since 2003 we have been working with various social enterprise groups to offer opportunities to young disabled and disadvantaged people to gain life skills, work experience and employment. Wishing all our customers' a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year

House Number Signs with lights

Recommended by paramedics and emergency services, because it makes you a lot easier to find in a night-time emergency, and with a price including fixings, VAT, Free UK Delivery and a money-back guarantee. Even the PIZZA GUY loves more cold Pizza :)
October 06, 2018 by Big Van Studio Collaborator

A Ninja Near

Ordered this for my husbands desk and he loves it! We have a 3 year old who wants to have the same job as his daddy so tells everyone he wants to be A Ninja Near (an engineer!) so we got this for a bit of fun but it's really well made and takes pride of place on his desk. Highly recommended!
October 06, 2018 by Big Van Studio Collaborator

Beware of the dog

Thanks Paul!

Your lovely sign for our new house arrived yesterday.  Unfortunately, our pesky dog mistook it for a rat as it was delivered, and did what terriers do.
As you can see, he bit it.  He’s a villain.
Any chance you could replace it?  I realise it was his fault and I have stopped his pocket money.
All the best
How could we resist ! Can't let let him stay in the dog house :)
New sign sent free of charge
April 26, 2018 by Paul Morton
Amaze your friends

Amaze your friends

With our on-line custom design tool you can create totally unique house signs.

Why not amaze your Grandchildren and feature them on your House or Caravan Plaque.

January 25, 2018 by Paul Morton

Dartford Business Awards

Acrylic Master are pleased to supply plaques for the Dartford business awards.

Congratulations to all winners

dartford business awards

September 29, 2017 by Paul Morton
Marjorie McClure’s

Marjorie McClure’s


Graham Cheshire, Paulette Richardson, Bernie Deacon & Tracey Cheshire represented Broke Hill Golf Club at Majorie McClure’s first ever Get To Know You Games. The event saw the school’s prominent supporters get together to celebrate the good work the school does. We were joined by Toyota & Teachsport on the day. The students organised all of the events expertly and showed a real pride and determination, making the day a huge success.

We wanted to share a few images of the day – and hope you’ll all continue to support the fantastic charity in the way you already do.

March 15, 2017 by Paul Morton
LED Elite Combi Solar house number plaque | "Elegant by Day... Brilliant by Night"

LED Elite Combi Solar house number plaque | "Elegant by Day... Brilliant by Night"

Solar Powered ( inc 3 x AA Re chargeable Batteries)

You may add Text / Number to customise.

Our signs are rust free and made by professional sign makers, to your specification

All our signs are made of the best materials and a have a very high UV resistant material as standard

Easy to install (we provide the plugs and screws) - You may apply to certain surfaces with self adhesive pads ( not supplied).

Powered by its own solar cell, needs no wiring or maintenance. Measuring 8½" 21.6cm) wide x 6½" (16.5cm) high it can be placed virtually anywhere. When darkness falls, it switches on automatically, illuminating your house number or name, or whatever information you want to appear - you decide.

It's even recommended by paramedics because it makes you a lot easier to find in a night-time emergency, and with a price including fixings, VAT and a money back guarantee, it's great value.

For good looks and peace of mind, every house should have a Brightsign™.

Consider who will be able to find you:

Your friends, the drivers who deliver your groceries, your meals, your pizzas, your DVDs, your parcels, your logs, your coal and your oil. They will all find you more easily during the day... and now, for the first time... in the dark!

September 20, 2016 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited
Beautiful Stove Enamel Aluminium Memorial Plaques - Laser Engraved

Beautiful Stove Enamel Aluminium Memorial Plaques - Laser Engraved

Now available in store our beautiful memorial plaques are hand pressed, sprayed and oven baked to achieve a stunning enamel finish.

We then laser engrave your text/images into the plaque to achieve a silver finish to all personalisation.

Maintenance free these plaques will last and last.

September 07, 2016 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited


Using a blend of old and new technologies we have developed a range of Stove enamel | Laser engraved plaques that we GUARANTEE FOR LIFE.

These beautiful plaques from an aluminium base are die pressed and then hand sprayed and oven baked to create our base plaque.

Following drying period we laser etch the surface to reveal the silver aluminium base.

UK House Signs | Acrylic Master, are proud to offer these totally unique plaques with your own design.


September 01, 2016 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited

Ambulance Service: Display your house number clearly

Ambulance Service: Display your house number clearly

Credit: ITV News

The Welsh Ambulance Service is appealing for people to display their house name or number prominently to help save lives.

It says in Wales there are still many properties that don’t have door numbers or names, which could mean that time is wasted by blue light services searching for the property in an emergency.

The Trust is urging householders to help reduce response times by ensuring that their properties are clearly and prominently identified and that there is nothing obstructing them.

We need to get to 999 calls as quickly as possible. Sometimes if a house does not have its name or number clearly displayed there is a delay in us reaching the patient. “It's vital that all properties display their name or number clearly and that it is visible from the road.

Our control rooms have digital mapping systems to find addresses but in a life threatening emergency it's a good idea to send somebody outside to flag the ambulance or response car down. In these cases sometimes seconds save lives.

August 13, 2016 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited