Marjorie McClure’s

Marjorie McClure’s


Graham Cheshire, Paulette Richardson, Bernie Deacon & Tracey Cheshire represented Broke Hill Golf Club at Majorie McClure’s first ever Get To Know You Games. The event saw the school’s prominent supporters get together to celebrate the good work the school does. We were joined by Toyota & Teachsport on the day. The students organised all of the events expertly and showed a real pride and determination, making the day a huge success.

We wanted to share a few images of the day – and hope you’ll all continue to support the fantastic charity in the way you already do.

March 15, 2017 by Paul Morton
LED Elite Combi Solar house number plaque | "Elegant by Day... Brilliant by Night"

LED Elite Combi Solar house number plaque | "Elegant by Day... Brilliant by Night"

Solar Powered ( inc 3 x AA Re chargeable Batteries)

You may add Text / Number to customise.

Our signs are rust free and made by professional sign makers, to your specification

All our signs are made of the best materials and a have a very high UV resistant material as standard

Easy to install (we provide the plugs and screws) - You may apply to certain surfaces with self adhesive pads ( not supplied).

Powered by its own solar cell, needs no wiring or maintenance. Measuring 8½" 21.6cm) wide x 6½" (16.5cm) high it can be placed virtually anywhere. When darkness falls, it switches on automatically, illuminating your house number or name, or whatever information you want to appear - you decide.

It's even recommended by paramedics because it makes you a lot easier to find in a night-time emergency, and with a price including fixings, VAT and a money back guarantee, it's great value.

For good looks and peace of mind, every house should have a Brightsign™.

Consider who will be able to find you:

Your friends, the drivers who deliver your groceries, your meals, your pizzas, your DVDs, your parcels, your logs, your coal and your oil. They will all find you more easily during the day... and now, for the first time... in the dark!

September 20, 2016 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited
Beautiful Stove Enamel Aluminium Memorial Plaques - Laser Engraved

Beautiful Stove Enamel Aluminium Memorial Plaques - Laser Engraved

Now available in store our beautiful memorial plaques are hand pressed, sprayed and oven baked to achieve a stunning enamel finish.

We then laser engrave your text/images into the plaque to achieve a silver finish to all personalisation.

Maintenance free these plaques will last and last.

September 07, 2016 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited


Using a blend of old and new technologies we have developed a range of Stove enamel | Laser engraved plaques that we GUARANTEE FOR LIFE.

These beautiful plaques from an aluminium base are die pressed and then hand sprayed and oven baked to create our base plaque.

Following drying period we laser etch the surface to reveal the silver aluminium base.

UK House Signs | Acrylic Master, are proud to offer these totally unique plaques with your own design.


September 01, 2016 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited

Ambulance Service: Display your house number clearly

Ambulance Service: Display your house number clearly

Credit: ITV News

The Welsh Ambulance Service is appealing for people to display their house name or number prominently to help save lives.

It says in Wales there are still many properties that don’t have door numbers or names, which could mean that time is wasted by blue light services searching for the property in an emergency.

The Trust is urging householders to help reduce response times by ensuring that their properties are clearly and prominently identified and that there is nothing obstructing them.

We need to get to 999 calls as quickly as possible. Sometimes if a house does not have its name or number clearly displayed there is a delay in us reaching the patient. “It's vital that all properties display their name or number clearly and that it is visible from the road.

Our control rooms have digital mapping systems to find addresses but in a life threatening emergency it's a good idea to send somebody outside to flag the ambulance or response car down. In these cases sometimes seconds save lives.

August 13, 2016 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited


Traditional methods, practised since the late 19th Century, are used to create each and every one of our signs. A two-woman team create signs daily and our natural methods include manually pressing the authentic 1950s style lettering, hand mixing our range of Traditionally-inspired paints and die alignment by hand.

A sign that will last a lifetime – our fit for purpose signs will brave the British weather and look beautiful throughout. Sprayed and baked to perfection our aluminium embossed signs are stylish addition to any outdoor area. Suitable for continued outdoor use both commercial and residential, they can be fixed to sheds, fences or walls.

June 06, 2016 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited

How to install a house sign


October 05, 2015 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited

Popular Street Names

Fanny Hands Lane.

Before I give you the list of the 50 most popular street names, please find the time to look at the funniest street name I have come across in the past year (above). I was lucky enough to have a friend who took a picture of it for me. “Fanny Hands Lane”… It made me laugh :)

Anyway, here are the UK’s 50 most popular street names.

  1. High Street
  2. Station Road
  3. Main Street
  4. Park Road
  5. Church Road
  6. Church Street
  7. London Road
  8. Victoria Road
  9. Green Lane
  10. Manor Road
  11. Church Lane
  12. Park Avenue
  13. The Avenue
  14. The Crescent
  15. Queens Road
  16. New Road
  17. Grange Road
  18. Kings Road
  19. Kingsway
  20. Windsor Road
  21. Highfield Road
  22. Mill Lane
  23. Alexander Road
  24. York Road
  25. St. John’s Road
  26. Main Road
  27. Broadway
  28. King Street
  29. The Green
  30. Springfield Road
  31. George Street
  32. Park Lane
  33. Victoria Street
  34. Albert Road
  35. Queensway
  36. New Street
  37. Queen Street
  38. West Street
  39. North Street
  40. Manchester Road
  41. The Grove
  42. Richmond Road
  43. Grove Road
  44. South Street
  45. School Lane
  46. The Drive
  47. North Road
  48. Stanley Road
  49. Chester Road
  50. Mill Road

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October 04, 2015 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited

Absolutely critical in an emergency

A well-marked home address makes it easier for package and food deliveries. However, such visible home addresses can be absolutely critical in an emergency.

Yankton deputy fire chief Larry Nickles said this fact was highlighted during a recent incident in the Riverside Acres area.

“I went to a burn complaint and when I got to where I was going, I was three houses off and the first half of the block, the signs had either been removed or not marked in the street,” Nickles said. “There, the houses are far enough back that you can’t see the numbers (on the houses) so the streets have been marked and, for whatever reason, the signs had been removed. Had that been an emergency, that would’ve been a big time delay by the time we figured out we were at the wrong place.”

In another case, Nickles said GPS could only help so much.

“Sometimes they’re missing a whole street sign,” he said. “That happened not too long ago in a trailer court and our GPS told us to turn on such-and-such a street, but the sign was gone so you weren’t sure if you were on the right street.”

Nickles said there are a number of guidelines to follow when it comes to the address signage.

“The numbers need to be contrasting,” he said. “In other words, white-on-white isn’t going to work, they just need to be a color on white — for example. The stroke, or the width, of the (numbers) needs to be at least a half-inch and four inches high so they’re visible from the street.”

He added it also helps to keep the area in front of the numbering clear of any shrubbery or other plants to make sure they’re visible from the streets.

Numbering can be found at area hardware stores. Nickles also advises against using lettering to spell out addresses on the front of a house.

May 05, 2015 by Laser Signs (Longfield) Limited