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The first impression of your home is your house number . Gorgeous modern acrylic house number signs, with a range of designs, all on beautiful weatherproof laser cut plaques. ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE FREE UK DELIVERY.
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Designer Acrylic House Number Plaque - Free Delivery



200mm x 140mm - ( 8" x 5.5")

Our best selling product Contemporary Acrylic House Number Sign.


Manufactured from high-quality branded perspex (Guaranteed against yellowing for 10 years), this is laser cut to produce a stunning plaque. All the beauty of glass without the weight or safety concerns.

Three options are available :

1) Clear glass, this is a crystal clear 3mm or 5mm acrylic Panel

2) Glass Look, this is a 5mm acrylic panel with a slight green tint to enhance the look and closely match a true glass look.

3. Go really "posh" ! - 8mm clear acrylic, our Chunky plaque. 

We digitally print onto the reverse of the acrylic using state of the art UV ink digital printers.

The product is completed by floating the acrylic above a 3mm aluminium faced decorative panel by way of 2 stainless steel stand off fixings.

All instructions and fittings included. This is a 10 Minute D.I.Y Project. For brick or concrete you will need a power tool to drill fixing holes (2), you may screw fixings straight into wood. - SEE FITTING INSTRUCTIONS VIDEO

The acrylic and decorative panel have anti scratch cover film applied. Please remove this prior to installation.

design tool

You may DESIGN-YOUR-OWN - PLAQUE, using our on-line design tool - ADD IMAGES | TEXT | PHOTO'S 


If you have a special request ! please leave instructions in text box above.  


"A neighbour saw the sign I bought from you and took a like to it. He then found one on the internet £5 cheaper then asked me to fit it for him. There is no comparison with the excellent quality of your product. As the title of my review says, you get what you pay for. In addition to the better quality, it arrived much quicker. All in all - very pleased indeed"  - Steve P.


Ask a Question
  • Where on the sign are the top and bottom lines compared to the house number

    There is a picture in the description that shows locations.

  • Not sure what is meant by top line and bottom line. I want the road name to be below the house number so does that mean I should choose ‘bottom line’ ?

    I should choose ‘bottom line’ ? - Yes that is correct :)

  • what are your fixing hole centres for your signs, could i request a custom position of 145mm centres please?

    Please call us to arrange - 01474 708040   10am-5pm M/F

  • Do you deliver to USA

    Yes we deliver world wide via DHL

  • A4 siz mean ? Word in writing or siz of glass I need bigger size length and height please Gide me siz thanks

    A4 Size = 297mm x 210mm Size of Plaque.

  • Do you do any larger signs ?

    You will find A5 to A2 signs here

  • 'Good Morning, Can you print a logo if we send across as one image

    Yes no problem, or you may use the customise button and design and upload image on-line

  • Do you make larger house signs ??

    Hello yes we can offer custom sizes, please contact us with full details and we can advise.

  • What is your contact number

    01474 708040  mon/fri  10am - 5pm

  • Could I have three lines of writing as want it to try and stop people parking in front of my garage ?

    Yes 3 lines is possible please advise requirements on check page.

  • I live 100 yards from the sea, facing South. Will the sign be corrosion proof from the salt air and will the lettering fade in direct sunlight?

    Jane we use stainless steel fixings and uv ink to print direct to acrylic - We offer a full 10 year Guarantee on all our signs.

  • How much would an A4 sign cost as your display ? With the words: 2 Rathealy Road Riverview Thanks Peter

    £29.99 please see this product

  • How much postage

    £0.00 to uk

  • When asked to complete the form, the question what does "top line, if required" mean, the house number or the street

    Top line = Generally house name or personal name - Bottom Line = Generally street/ road name.

  • Do you do a bigger size?

    Yes we do A4 and A3 sizes please see

  • I live 50 metres from the sea. Will the metal part of the sign corrode?

    We Guarantee all parts of our plaques for 10 years. Fixings are stainless steel and metal plaque is aluminium.

  • Can I view my plaque before I place the order

    You may use the "Customise" function and design your own sign on-line, or contact us with your requirements and our design studio will prepare art work for your comment/approval.

  • Does this plaque light up ?

    No, our Britesign product found below is the product you need if you want a lighted version

  • I would like to add my own image, is this possible ?

    You may add an image via our customise sign design tool
    or you can email us the image to
    Our design team will create a preview for you.

  • How big are your signs? and do they come with the mounting attachments?

    On the sign you viewed the size is 200mm x 140mm ( 8" x 5.5" ). We supply all fixings required with full fitting instructions.

  • How do you get the protective cover off?

    Peel back from corner with your nail.

  • how long will this take to make? will it be delivered by Friday?

    zaimeen all orders produced and dispatched within 24 Hrs via Royal Mail ~ Express courier delivery available via Check-Out.

  • Can the bottom layer be made in blue?

    it can please add this to special instructions when ordering.

  • what is the xmas offer for signs as it is more expensive so wondering what you get?

    Offer includes best selling 5mm glass look plaque~  Luxury gift box ~Free  Courier  Delivery

  • Are the numbers and text etched onto the acrylic or some other method? Thanks

    We digitally print onto the reverse of the acrylic using state of the art UV ink digital printers.

  • Can this sign be fixed with no more nails?

    Sign requires screw fixings

  • I want to order a bigger size than 8x5 inches shown here. My house name is Sunnings and I feel it would look better on 16x6 inches. we want this made on the above sign and wonder if we can ask for someone to show us a preview and quote a price Many thanks

    Hello we offer a size close to this as a standard product please see

  • Is the text size in mm's? as wonder what size should go for given the frame size is 200x140mm.

    TEXT Size is as seen on screen as a guide it is not 1005 accurate, our designers we will balance design 

  • The house numbers shown on the picture where all samples of fonts are given look much bigger than the number shown on the "129 Ashen Road" sign. Is it possible to have the house number more like the size shown on the "129 Ashen Road" sign (without using the Custom Design Tool)?

    Please order and request a preview, we will email draft for your approval prior to print.

  • Hi...I sent a message to you yesterday to ask you if you could do an anchor by the side of the number. We live at 22 so looking at the sample that you show I thought maybe the anchor would go instead of the 1 shown. The house name is the Anchorage. Maybe you have a better idea. Please let me know and the cost and I can get it ordered. Thanks.

    We have designed a plaque for your consideration - please below this link

  • Our house is called THE ANCHORAGE and is number 22. I wondered if you could put an anchor design on it.

    We can do this, please order and add request to special instructions, you may also request a preview prior to production.

  • Hi,, could I have a bigger sign than what is advertised? Jennifer.

    Please check out our A4 size

  • Hello , how to I get to see the different fonts on the sign itself please . Many thanks

    You can use the custom design tool

  • Hi, Can these signs be fitted to the outside of a static caravan? If so, would you know which fittings we should use please? Kind regards Sarah

    These signs require a fixing point - e.g. wall plug ~ it is not recommended to puncture a caravan wall . We suggest using a single panel sign that can be fixed via self adhesive tape e.g

  • Can it be made 300x200, this is the size I require

    We can please call 01474 708040 to discuss options will our team