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Your Acrylic Designer House Number Plaque



Available in 5mm Clear Acrylic or our premier product 5mm Green Tint Glass Look Acrylic.

The product is completed by floating the acrylic above a 3mm aluminium faced decorative panel by way of 2 stainless steel stand off fixings.
200mm x 140mm - (nominal size 8" x 6")
All instructions and fittings included.


Ask a Question
  • can they be made bigger

    We have A4 or A3 signs in our business section, anything larger please call 01474 708040

  • Is the customised house number sign made up of the same parts as the designer house number sign?

    yes same specification

  • Is the aluminium decorative panel brass?

     No it's aluminium.

  • Hi... does the aluminum faced decorative panel come with a glass face?

    Designer House Number Plaque is a two part sign - 1 part aluminium faced back panel + 5mm acrylic front panel.