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House sign and Celebration Plaque (Xmas,Birthday,New baby,Party)



Our unique Celebration Plaques add a touch of fun to your house number at times of Celebration ~ Birthday | Christmas | Welcome Home | New Baby etc etc

Offer includes: 2 plaques for 1 order.

1 x Designer House Sign Plaque - 2 part acrylic with stand off fittings and install instructions 

1 x CELEBRATION PLAQUE printed with chosen design or your own image, to use replacing your original house sign acrylic during the Celebration period. Simply remove male part of fixings with fingers and replace with your Celebration plaque.

Once your Celebration is over, simply remove and replace your original plaque. For Annual events, store safety and use time and time again.

Size: 200mm x 140mm - 8" x 5.5"


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  • Hi Do you sell a house number plaque with a white background and a glass/acrylic screen?

    All our plaques are available with a white background, please advise in special instructions on order form