Vintage Plaques & Memorials are available in a variety of sizes and capable of being tailored to your specific tastes, this classic and evocative part of Britain’s industrial heritage will mature with age and comes with a lifetime manufacturing guarantee.

Our standard sizes are:

– 4 ½ x 4 ½”
– 20 ¾ x 4 ½”
– 9 ½ x 6”
– 8 x 6 ½”
– 12 x 3”
– 12 x 6”

As an experienced manufacturer, we are happy to tailor our approach to your specific needs and can price bespoke shapes, sizes and colours on application.

We have 15 great colour choices available for you to choose from when creating your personalised plaque, all blended by hand to create a unique colour. We advise our customers that Brightside Yellow, when used as a digit colour, can alter the appearance of other colour blends. This is most prominent with yellow and white/cream and also some yellow-based colours such as Endcliffe/Devonshire Green.
Please get in touch for a discussion on your colour choices or message us on social media.

Our range of pre-punched hole options:

To ensure your sign’s durability, we pre-punch holes before spraying.

Our production method:

We manufacture our vintage signs by hand, meaning your sign will have natural manufacturing variability that is unique to you, and will age beautifully over time. We are very proud of our manufacturing processes which have evolved and been refined over the past 100 years. Recently we have adopted new technology to further increase the possibilities for personalisation, our In-House laser engraver offers a unique and complementary solution for both text and graphic reproduction.

Our lifetime guarantee on manufacturing defects covers:

• enamel chipping
• paint defects
• colour fading resulting from sunlight (please note this does not include the natural oxidisation that is created over time)

Thank you for choosing Vintage Plaques & Memorials. We hope you will enjoy your sign for years to come.

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