The Acrylic Master has an history of trying to assist those less fortunate by way of employment opportunities, charitable donations and piggy back product promotions that benefit our chosen beneficiary -
Marjorie McClure’s special needs school in Bromley, Kent.
Previous associations have seen benefits awarded to the children's' hospice Demelza House.
This years campaign involves providing extra In pack materials to install one of our acrylic house number plaques within a standard purchase package. These materials and package are "passed on" by our customer to a friend,relation,colleague who then can purchase the competing acrylic plaque to install the sign at a discount.
Each "PASS IT ON" purchase triggers a £1.00 Donation to Marjorie McClure’s.
You may purchase from this product listing without a "PASS IT ON" package - If so we will donate £2.00 to the charity from each purchase.
To purchase your Premier Acrylic House Number Plaque - Click image below