Ashen, modern house number sign



Please choose your choice of size and quality option then personalise your plaque using the above link

Packaged by Social Enterprise: Giving young people with disabilities employment

The price includes fixings & money-back guarantee.

The acrylic is floated over a brushed aluminum panel by way of stand-off fittings.

We digitally print with UV ink digital printers (not stickers like many others).

95% of components sourced from UK or European suppliers.

10 Year Guarantee on any manufacturing fault

Options available:  

A5 Size - 200mm x 140mm -  8" x 5.5"  Or A4 Size - 297mm x 210mm

Options available choice of acrylic quality

  • 3.1mm Budget Acrylic 
  • Key features:
    Excellent optical clarity
    Hard wearing
    Weather resistant

  • Crystal clear Acrylic 5mm thick
  • Key features:
    Excellent optical clarity
    High gloss finish
    Hard wearing
    Weather resistant
  • Glass Look House sign, 5mm thick acrylic panel with a slight green on tint on edges, to match a true glass look. All the beauty of glass without the weight or safety concerns - BEST SELLING PRODUCT in the range, no compromise on quality, the best value acrylic plaque we can make.
  • Glass "effect" green tint
    High gloss finish
    Hard wearing
    Weather resistant
    Light weight

    Glass "effect' green tinted acrylic sheet imitates real glass with a subtle green tint to its appearance.
    This is most visible on the edges and can be used to great effect to fabricate products where the look of real glass is required.

    Cast acrylic is one of the hardest thermoplastic sheet materials available
    and its attractive aesthetics remain for longer than other plastic sheet materials.

    Its high gloss finish is not only very attractive but also more practically it's very easy to clean.

    With excellent resistance to the elements, cast acrylic performs well outside.
    No significant changes in appearance are expected over 10 years.

    Cast acrylic can be recycled all the way back to its original raw material, the monomer.

  • Chunky Executive plaque, 8mm thick Clear Acrylic
  • Key features:
    Excellent optical clarity
    High gloss finish
    Hard wearing
    Weather resistant

All instructions and fittings included (10 Minute D.I.Y Project!) 



Ask a Question
  • what are your fixing hole centres for your signs, could i request a custom position of 145mm centres please?

    Please call us to arrange - 01474 708040   10am-5pm M/F

  • Do you deliver to USA

    Yes we deliver world wide via DHL

  • A4 siz mean ? Word in writing or siz of glass I need bigger size length and height please Gide me siz thanks

    A4 Size = 297mm x 210mm Size of Plaque.

  • Do you do any larger signs ?

    You will find A5 to A2 signs here

  • 'Good Morning, Can you print a logo if we send across as one image

    Yes no problem, or you may use the customise button and design and upload image on-line

  • Do you make larger house signs ??

    Hello yes we can offer custom sizes, please contact us with full details and we can advise.

  • What is your contact number

    01474 708040  mon/fri  10am - 5pm

  • Could I have three lines of writing as want it to try and stop people parking in front of my garage ?

    Yes 3 lines is possible please advise requirements on check page.

  • I live 100 yards from the sea, facing South. Will the sign be corrosion proof from the salt air and will the lettering fade in direct sunlight?

    Jane we use stainless steel fixings and uv ink to print direct to acrylic - We offer a full 10 year Guarantee on all our signs.

  • How much would an A4 sign cost as your display ? With the words: 2 Rathealy Road Riverview Thanks Peter

    £29.99 please see this product

  • How much postage

    £0.00 to uk

  • When asked to complete the form, the question what does "top line, if required" mean, the house number or the street

    Top line = Generally house name or personal name - Bottom Line = Generally street/ road name.

  • Do you do a bigger size?

    Yes we do A4 and A3 sizes please see

  • I live 50 metres from the sea. Will the metal part of the sign corrode?

    We Guarantee all parts of our plaques for 10 years. Fixings are stainless steel and metal plaque is aluminium.

  • Can I view my plaque before I place the order

    You may use the "Customise" function and design your own sign on-line, or contact us with your requirements and our design studio will prepare art work for your comment/approval.

  • Does this plaque light up ?

    No, our Britesign product found below is the product you need if you want a lighted version

  • I would like to add my own image, is this possible ?

    You may add an image via our customise sign design tool
    or you can email us the image to
    Our design team will create a preview for you.

  • How big are your signs? and do they come with the mounting attachments?

    On the sign you viewed the size is 200mm x 140mm ( 8" x 5.5" ). We supply all fixings required with full fitting instructions.

  • How do you get the protective cover off?

    Peel back from corner with your nail.

  • how long will this take to make? will it be delivered by Friday?

    zaimeen all orders produced and dispatched within 24 Hrs via Royal Mail ~ Express courier delivery available via Check-Out.

  • Can the bottom layer be made in blue?

    it can please add this to special instructions when ordering.

  • Hi I’m having trouble choosing another font on the order form for your ‘bestseller’ - I’d like the same font as on the 650 Lytham Road sign please! Also could you do a two line address? ie 23 then Barshaw underneath, and then Gardens underneath that, centralised? Thanks Jo

    Hi enter all details in the special request section . The font you like is "ariel"



  • Designer Acrylic House number sign - (Free delivery A5 Size) Please advise if the following will fit on to the sign. When I add name of street it goes over the edges. I would want the falt number above and name of street below. do yoy align and centre all text? 83A BONNYTON DRIVE

    Hello we always balance and centre all text and numbers to fit the plaque in the bets possible way

  • Do you have a house number sign with a Norwich city emblem

    You may upload any image to this product

  • If you don't include any address text do you make the number bigger to 'fill' the panel?

    Yes we increase and balance the digit size

  • could you add a photo of my dog ?

    Please view this option

  • Do you do customer pictures?

    yes we do

  • Where do I request the sign to be portrait instead of landscape

    Please order from this option

  • can we have the street name - Sandpit Boulevard - on 2 lines under the number. Number can be higher than in your examples

    Yes we can do this please add to special request with order

  • Could you advise on the delivery time for a house sign I would like

    All orders are shipped within 2 working days

  • I bought one house sign before from you but I lost the two cover screws, the one you screw after you put the glass. Can you tell me how can I order couple of them please. Thank you

  • I am unable to order a Designer Acrylic House Sign as the 'Plaque Options' has the Instruction: ** PLEASE SELECT PLAQUE CHOICE ** even though I have selected an option and will not allow me to add to cart. I had the same problem when I tried to order a few days ago.

    Peter all seems to be working ok ? please call 01474 708040 10-4 and we can organise over the phone

  • Are you able to make these smaller ie 150 x 120 ? to fit directly onto our gate post?

    Closest we can offer

  • Hello I only have 150mm wide place to install, height is not an issue, can you make it to that width.


  • Good morning - Are you able to produce the following: ADW Picture Framing 64 Anglesey Road

    Yes please add as a special request

  • What is 297mm in inches?

    APPROX 11"X 8"

  • I'm looking for a larger house sign do you do them any larger than A5?

    Gordon A4 =

  • Hi, Sorry if i sound stupid. What am i buying? if i wanted the brushed alum plaque with glass overlay what would i choose in the drop down box?

    ALL THE SAME STYLE difference is in the desscription
    3mm clear acrylic
    5mm clear acrylic
    5mm glass look acrylic best seller
    8mm glass look acrylic

  • Are the head screws chrome or plastic

    Stainless steel

  • Hi im looking to purchase this aluminum Designer Acrylic House sign with 5mm glass look however u would like to add an everton badge/crest at the side of the letters so it would be, (everton crest) 234 Huyton lane in size A4 Is this acheiveable,

    Paul we can do this please order then send us an email with full requirements

  • What happens if your street name is too long to fit on the one in the sample?


  • Would you be able to do a wolves motive address 2wadesmill lawns

    Gloria order from product below - any image - and add special request wolves logo

  • If I order one could you put a derby county ram logo on it?

    Please order from this listing and add special request Derby Logo

  • Can the backplate be white or is it only silver? Thanks!

    White is available please add this as a special request

  • Do you do the plaques in Black with sliver numbers?

    Only embossed plaques

  • Looking to buy one, how do you get the flowers, or design on it

  • Is it possible to have a white background

    Yes no problem please add this as a special request

  • What size is this house sign?

    A5 Size - 200mm x 140mm -  8" x 5.5"

  • Hi there Are you able to supply in portrait rather than landscape ? What is the standard 'text size' only its difficult to imagine ? Do you provide a sample copy online to see before placing the actual order ? Many thanks

    You may request a preview prior to shipment

  • Please can you do the sign with Tree Tops in big then 8 in the middle with Moorland Rise on the bottom in small or how you think it will best fit Thank you

    We can do this please add to special instructions on order form

  • Can I buy the screws that fits this. Got one but lost the fittings

  • Do you do with white writing please

    we can please request this in special instructions field.

  • Do you do house number/road names available in an A4 size and the cost if so? Many thanks Brian Jones

  • Do you have any with a deer/stag design?

    Find an image on google images and upload to order and we will send a preview to approve prior to dispatch

  • Could you put the batman logo onto a sign with the address 7 Gotham Road and send me a sign that you think would look best please. Thanks

    We can do this but you will need to email us as we cannot show previews on this message service

  • Can I have an arrow on the sign, pointing from right to left? Happy for A4 size if required.

    Yes this is fine please make your requirements clear in special instructions option

  • Hi, is the number printed on to the front acrylic as shown in the pictures?

    It is printed onto the back of the acrylic

  • Hi, Is the number printed on to the acrylic as shown in the pictures? Or is it on the back panel? Thanks.

    Printed onto the back of the acrylic

  • Can you do the text in white ?

    Yes we can please request this in special instructions field

  • Hello, I can't find your customise button?? The sign needs to be seen from the road, so I'd like the numbers to be bigger and the text to be smaller - is that possible?

    Mike request a preview and we will designto your instructions

  • When I put my address in it goes over the sides of the frame on each side 😢 Can the words be put underneath each other so they’ll fit ie: 11 Orchard Avenue I am wanting the executive glass over stainless steel one for our new house as I love the one I got from yourselves for our current property.

    The on-line design tool is a little clunky :) we always balance the design to suit. if you are concerned please request a preview prior to dispatch

  • Can this be fitted to tiles?

    Yes but you will need to drill fixing holes for the screws

  • Can you do MARANATHA 19 Moss Carr Road

    Yes we can please place details in special instructions field

  • The climate in Cyprus is 40+ in the summer months would this be suitable for the medittarean weather.


  • hi I want to order a house sign but don;t know which type I want 5mm, 8mm, Glass look etc I like the one with 129 Aspen Rd on in your web page

    hello all

    3mm clear   absolutly fine as a sign

    5mm clear absolutly loverly.....

    5mm glass look ,our best seller (129 ashen drive exsample)  

    8mm clear  chunky looking, gives the impresion i love my house

  • Can I have it printed portrait instead of landscape ?

    Product is available as portrait here

  • I would like the sign to go on top of existing stone signage which is 50cms X 32cms. Is this possible please. What will be the price for 2 signs this size.

    Joe we can do this please call 01474 708040 to discuss requirements

  • Can you have your football team logo in the background

    You may, please add instructions when placing order

  • Hi, Im looking to get just a house name and no number? How do i position it to have just ‘The Honey pot’ Thanks

    Enter into special instructions and request a preview

  • Hello how do I order a sign when me road name is long? I would want... 26 Willowherb Pastures Many thanks

    thats' fine we will adjust text to fit

  • I only require a number. Will it be centred vertically as well as horizontally on the plaque please?

    yes we wil centre number/s

  • I don't have a number - its just a house name. But the field appears to require to be filled for the number. How can it get round this?

    Please order put requirements in special instructions box - enter number as 000

  • Hi, are the numbers and writing made from self-adhesive vinyl? And are they stuck on the inside or outside of the clear perspex?

    We digitally print onto the reverse of the acrylic using state of the art UV ink digital printers.

  • Do you sell any house plaques that can be bonded rather than drilled to brick?

    Our single part signs can be bonded using suitable adhesive. Please request NO FIXINH HOLE WHEN PLACING ORDER

  • Can this plaque be attached onto a door instead of a wall?


  • Can the acrylic sign be fitted - using the female and male standoff parts - but omitting the aluminium backplate? My house has a painted white wall, and the contrast would be good without the backplate.


  • Where do I write my house number and street?

    In the form to the right of the product

  • Dear Sir/Madam, Can you supply the designer house number plaque 200 x 140 mm (shown with aluminium back panel), with a gold back panel and gold stand-off fittings?

    Available via this link  

  • what is the xmas offer for signs as it is more expensive so wondering what you get?

    Offer includes best selling 5mm glass look plaque~  Luxury gift box ~Free  Courier  Delivery

  • Are the numbers and text etched onto the acrylic or some other method? Thanks

    We digitally print onto the reverse of the acrylic using state of the art UV ink digital printers.

  • Can this sign be fixed with no more nails?

    Sign requires screw fixings

  • I want to order a bigger size than 8x5 inches shown here. My house name is Sunnings and I feel it would look better on 16x6 inches. we want this made on the above sign and wonder if we can ask for someone to show us a preview and quote a price Many thanks

    Hello we offer a size close to this as a standard product please see

  • Is the text size in mm's? as wonder what size should go for given the frame size is 200x140mm.

    TEXT Size is as seen on screen as a guide it is not 1005 accurate, our designers we will balance design 

  • The house numbers shown on the picture where all samples of fonts are given look much bigger than the number shown on the "129 Ashen Road" sign. Is it possible to have the house number more like the size shown on the "129 Ashen Road" sign (without using the Custom Design Tool)?

    Please order and request a preview, we will email draft for your approval prior to print.

  • Hi...I sent a message to you yesterday to ask you if you could do an anchor by the side of the number. We live at 22 so looking at the sample that you show I thought maybe the anchor would go instead of the 1 shown. The house name is the Anchorage. Maybe you have a better idea. Please let me know and the cost and I can get it ordered. Thanks.

    We have designed a plaque for your consideration - please below this link

  • Our house is called THE ANCHORAGE and is number 22. I wondered if you could put an anchor design on it.

    We can do this, please order and add request to special instructions, you may also request a preview prior to production.

  • Hi,, could I have a bigger sign than what is advertised? Jennifer.

    Please check out our A4 size

  • Hello , how to I get to see the different fonts on the sign itself please . Many thanks

    You can use the custom design tool

  • Hi, Can these signs be fitted to the outside of a static caravan? If so, would you know which fittings we should use please? Kind regards Sarah

    These signs require a fixing point - e.g. wall plug ~ it is not recommended to puncture a caravan wall . We suggest using a single panel sign that can be fixed via self adhesive tape e.g

  • Can it be made 300x200, this is the size I require

    We can please call 01474 708040 to discuss options will our team