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French Style House Number Plaque

£29.99 £24.99


French Style House Number Plaque

SIZE : 177mm x 126mm |  7" X 5"

Signs that will last a lifetime

Our stunning stove enamel aluminium signs are made with inks that have been carefully selected to create our unique colour palette.  

Our production method:

We manufacture our vintage signs way of unique direct to surface uv ink print methods, meaning your sign will have natural manufacturing variability that is unique to you, and will age beautifully over time. We are very proud of our manufacturing processes which have evolved and been refined over time.

Our lifetime guarantee on manufacturing defects covers:
• enamel chipping
• paint defects
• colour fading resulting from sunlight (please note this does not include the natural oxidisation that is created over time)

We hope you will enjoy your sign for years to come.


Ask a Question
  • Please advise what colour the screw caps are

    caps are silver

  • Please could I have the number 17 on plaque thanks

    yes please order via web site

  • Is it possible to order a bespoke sign in a different colour?

    sorry no

  • Can I add a to a number ie 72a

    yes that is fine

  • Could I have one that says Nos 34 - 37 ?

    yes you can although letters would be a lot smaller

  • Hi. Could you please tell me how these French style signs affix? Thank you.

    With screws and caps ( supplied )