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Acrylic Business Sign - Churchill Acrylic 2 Part Sign | A5 - Office sign



Acrylic office sign -  Personalised Signs for Your Business. 

Can be used both externally and internally.

The finished product is supplied with easy mounting hardware included.

We can offer back plaque colour in Brushed Silver / Gold / Black or White, we will supply Brushed silver unless you add colour choice as a special request.


Clear Acrylic office sign for door or wall

Size:  200mm x 140mm

Colors: Any Colors Style: Crisp, Fresh, Unique,Contemporary

Detail: Transparent Acrylic - HD Acrylic Inks Finish: Indoor/outdoor water and UV-resistant finish. Painted / coloured areas receive glossy clear coat.

Free Design

If you wish to use our free Design Service for your Acrylic office sign, please send a brief of the design you require to the below email address once your order has been placed.



Ask a Question
  • Hi - could you please confirm if the metal back is included or is it literally just the acrylic element? Thanks

    Yes both parts are included.

  • hi sorry to trouble you but i have just placed an order (8184) and my design was showing until checkout and then it reverted to your default - is this correct? how long would the signs typically take to come? thanks Matt

    The design shown on your order confirmation is a generic one, your design will be used in production. Items shipped within one working day via chosen delivery method at check out.

  • Can i see a preview of the design before i proceed to purchase ?

    You may customise the sign using our on-line design tool

    If you would like our design team to create a preview, please contact us

  • What material is used for the background element?

    3mm diabond brushed silver alluminium coating or gold/white

  • I am not allowed to make holes in my office wooden door, can your plaques be fitted without holes being made on the door?

    Only our single part signs

  • Hi - If you order a sign, do you get a template of what it will look like? Just would like to check that the font we have chosen looks ok?

    You may use the on line custom design tool or request a preview prior to shipping in the special instructions box.

  • Hi - Can the Churchill Acrylic 2 Part Sign | a5 be mounted onto a wooden door, as well as the wall?

    Yes if solid wood, no plugs are required. If a composite door special fixing plugs would be required